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Creating Udmurt templates[вики-текстэз тупатыны]

About the dates[вики-текстэз тупатыны]

  • Olli, don't forget that the Udmurt word аре means ‘at the year’ (literally ‘to the year’), i.e such a form of representation of the date as [[16. 11.]] [[1918]] аре is wrong: we write in Udmurt 13 июле 2003 аре (the locative form арын is also frequently used) or 13.07.2003, but never 13.07.2003 аре. I propose to use this form for representation of the dates: 13 июле 2003 аре or 13.07.2003.
  • Complete list of Udmurt months' names

in Nominative:

  1. Толшор
  2. Февраль
  3. Март
  4. Апрель
  5. Май
  6. Июнь
  7. Июль
  8. Август
  9. Сентябрь
  10. Октябрь
  11. Ноябрь
  12. Толсур

In Illative:

  1. Толшоре
  2. Феврале
  3. Мартэ
  4. Апреле
  5. Мае
  6. Июне
  7. Июле
  8. Августэ
  9. Сентябре
  10. Октябре
  11. Ноябре
  12. Толсуре
Thanks for clearing that up! I only wrote the days in the form "11. 12. 1996" because I didn't know what the Udmurt names for months were - I was simply waiting for you/someone to correct them. Now I can use the months' names. What about individual years, do you use "2003 аре" or just "2003"? Olli 09:26, 5 ноября 2005 (UTC)
Both forms are allowed, although the form without ар is less typical, and seems very «technical». Also, we can use both «24 феврале 1918 аре» and «24 феврале 1918» – the form without ар is more preferable in country templates, and in similar small informative texts, the form with ар is usual in the narrations, e.g.: Владимир Ильич Ленин вордӥськиз 22 апреле 1870 аре (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was born on April 22, 1870; narration) / Вордӥськем дырыз но интыез: 22 апрель, 1870, Симбирск (His born date and place: April 22, 1870, Simbirsk; info from a questionnaire). Note that the months' names in Udmurt are never capitalized, as well as the names of languages and peoples. --Denis 15:08, 5 ноября 2005 (UTC)
Oh, you're right, it seems that I've capitalised the names of the months. Since it's very difficult for me to write cyrillic on this computer, I have to resort to cut-and-paste and other techniques...
No problem, this is the same list but adapted for copypasting --Denis 07:14, 8 ноября 2005 (UTC)

in Nominative:

  1. толшор
  2. февраль
  3. март
  4. апрель
  5. май
  6. июнь
  7. июль
  8. август
  9. сентябрь
  10. октябрь
  11. ноябрь
  12. толсур

In Illative:

  1. толшоре
  2. феврале
  3. мартэ
  4. апреле
  5. мае
  6. июне
  7. июле
  8. августэ
  9. сентябре
  10. октябре
  11. ноябре
  12. толсуре

Stub[вики-текстэз тупатыны]

I've created a new form of stub to prevent red links, just for empty artciles – {{topstub}}

Wiki letter w.svg    Татын луоз Name of current article нимо статья.
Тӥ асьтэос но быгатӥськоды сое гожтыны.

You can use it in new templates. --Denis 07:11, 8 ноября 2005 (UTC)

Thanks. This seems like a good idea for some links on templates (population etc.), but I'm not sure if I should use it otherwise - because then I might forget what articles have already been made (or possible contributors won't notice red links). It's good that you can't see it on the article count. Olli 21:12, 8 ноября 2005 (UTC)
Of course, we should not abuse these stubs. I've just created the opportunity to use them if needed. --Denis 10:09, 9 ноября 2005 (UTC)

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