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Сисоп (от SysOp) — is short for "systems operator", and is a commonly used term for the administrator of a bulletin board system (BBS) or special-interest area of an online service or, historically, the operators of any computer system, especially a mainframe computer.

Usage of the term peaked in the early 1990s, being mostly used strictly to refer to BBS operators; someone doing equivalent functions on the Internet is primarily referred to as a "sysadmin", short for "system administrator".

A Co-SysOp was a user who was granted certain admin privileges on a BBS. Generally, they would help validate users and monitor discussion forums.

A MSN SysOp is a high ranking volunteer or a paid employee who monitors the actions of those who enforce policy on the MSN chat, and the MSN internet services. They act much like those who ran BBS systems, except deal on a more operator to operator situation rather than user to operator.