Википедиысь материал
  • This template just calls Template:Babel and passes it's parameters there.
    Format: {{Babel-N|1={{user <box1>}}{{user <box2>}}{{user <box3>}}...}}

To specify a custom header, footer, or color add the parameters header=HEADER (default: Википедия:Babel), footer=FOOTER (default: Википедисты по языкам), and/or color=COLOR (default: white). Adding <td> between two boxes causes a new column to be started at that point. You may also use '|align=left' to cause the box to appear on the left side of the page rather than the default right.

Пример: {{Babel-N|align=left|color=yellow|1={{User en}}{{User fr}}{{User de}}<td>{{User ru}}{{User be}}{{User os}}}} даст:

Википедисты по языкам